Testimonial from Fortune 100 Financial Services company based in Boston Mass:

“In the most recent evaluation period PMG was the highest-ranking vendor in the program.  We have found that PMG is a vendor that is very engaged in the program, and one that we have come to count on for support.  Your company consistently provides us with quality candidates to meet our demand in a variety of geographic locations.  In addition to your exceptional response time to our requirements, it is the way you have embraced the structure of the program that makes it a pleasure to do business with you.   Your understanding and compliance with the rate card and with the other requirements of the program have set you apart.    Your evaluation in the Key Performance Metric areas of Response Quality, Candidate Quality, and Program Compliance were unsurpassed.   Congratulation on your exceptional performance and we look forward to continued success.”

Dick R

Director, Vendor Relations

Testimonial from Fortune 500 specialty chemical company based in Cleveland Ohio:

“PMG Global is a very valued partner of Lubrizol since 2007 and is consistently ranked among the top vendors that support Lubrizol marketing department’s IT and Mobile initiatives.
Lubrizol has an ongoing contractual relationship with PMG Global and based on the excellent current performance we fully expect to renew and extend our contracting relationship with PMG Global through 2020.”

Dr. James P

Vice President