Fidelity Investments (Java)

PMG’s flagship customer is Fidelity Investments. We started our relationship with Fidelity Investments in 2005 as a provider of custom software development and programming services on a contract time and material basis. PMG has delivered a very high level of service to Fidelity Investments since 2005 and in 2009 when Fidelity Investments decided to reduce the number of IT vendors from over a 100 to about 10 companies, PMG was among the top ten. Today we are ranked in the top 3 among all vendors providing IT contract services to Fidelity Investments locations across the US and we have delivered time and material contracts worth over $18 Million to Fidelity Investments since 2005.

In May of 2005, PMG was presented with an opportunity to help Fidelity Investments in NH, to architect, build, deploy, test, and support a system on a time and materials basis; a mission critical system – FENS, the Fidelity Electronic Notification System for the Fidelity Portal and Wireless devices. Individual and Institutional customers of Fidelity Investments log on to the portal through a PC or a wireless PDA and when they click on “Research”, the link takes them to a webpage which provides custom alerts like Watch Lists, Price Triggers, Fixed Income alerts, New Issue offerings/IPOs. Alerts enable a customer to monitor activity and trading in their accounts, track the price of a particular security, receive account balances and positions, be notified of stock, bond and mutual fund events and subscribe to market commentaries and reports.

PMG’s team of architects, and developers working in tandem with the Fidelity Investments development team built the FENS application which is a highly critical application for Fidelity Investments as it generates revenues for the company. Customers can trigger these alerts either through the portal or through their PDA devices and every time an alert is triggered the customer is charged and this generates significant revenues for the company.

The FENS application consists of 12 alert engines and each engine is a highly complex multi- threaded and multi- tiered Java application that employs Core Java, J2EE Websphere, Struts, Java Daemons, XML, WAP, WML and MQ Series as its technology platform. The FENS application helps manage subscription information using a Subscription UI, collects events published by FBSI (Fidelity Brokerage Services Incorporated) and non-FBSI Producers / Providers, matches events to a subscription list, validates that a recipient is authorized to receive the data, filters events based on subscription criteria, and deliver alert messages to the subscribed destination.

The FENS application receives on an average 4 Million to 6 Million alerts per day and peak volumes have reached as much as 10 Million alerts per day. From 2005 to 2007, PMG had a team of six Senior Architects and Developers working on this application on a time and materials basis. They delivered an excellent product to Fidelity Investments and provided exceptional support. Fidelity Investments was very impressed with the performance of PMG’s engineers and in 2007, made PMG a Tier 1 National Vendor for providing IT contract services (custom software development and programming services on a time and material basis) to all locations of Fidelity Investments in the country. PMG’s onsite development team continues to provide enhancements and support to the FENS application and we have a team of 4 developers supporting this application as of September 2016.